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The New York Times
Florida Abortion Ban To Take Effect, Cutting Off Major Access Point

By Patricia Mazzei | April 29, 2024

Florida has long played a significant role in the American abortion landscape, with dozens of clinics providing the procedure to tens of thousands of residents a year while also taking in patients from across the Southeast.

 That era will end, at least for now, on Wednesday, when a ban on most abortions after six weeks of pregnancy will take effect. The strict new law will replace a 15-week ban and require most Floridians and other Southerners seeking the procedure to travel to Virginia or farther.

In florida, we could all be kate cox

The Palm Beach Post | By Fran Sachs | April 3, 2024

As I read more and more about the latest restrictions on reproductive health across the country, I feel like finding Kate Cox, the Texas woman who recently tried so desperately to safely and legally end her pregnancy with her local doctor due to a horrific fetal anomaly. I want to give her a hug.

the women on the frontlines of abortion care in the deep south

The Meteor | By Stassa Edwards | June 23, 2023

When the Dobbs v. Jackson decision dropped one year ago tomorrow, it had immediate impact on the lives of millions of people—particularly those in the South, where trigger laws swiftly went into effect in Kentucky and Louisiana, then Texas, Alabama, and Mississippi, abortion is now banned with few exceptions. And with that, patients found themselves turning to an unlikely place: Florida.

What Happens If Abortion in the South Vanishes?

Vice News | By Carter Sherman | April 14, 2023

If you thought the end of Roe was bad, just wait for the end of Southern abortion access.

Florida Non-Profit Plans To “Fly People North” For Abortions

Florida News | By Joel Malkin | July 5, 2022

The president of Emergency Medical Assistance, or EMA in West Palm Beach, says her organization is working under the assumption that they are going to be flying people to states with looser abortion laws…

Harriette Glasner’s grit: How her diamond-studded bracelet could keep abortion rights alive

Palm Beach Post | By Jane Musgrave | June 25, 2022

Realizing many women were in precarious situations and no one was helping them, the wealthy Palm Beach woman sold a platinum diamond-studded bracelet. Today, 20 years after Glasner’s death, the fund she established from the sale of her expensive trinket is key to efforts to make sure women continue to have access to abortions.

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